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Oh man, what a day.

So I'm going to try and make this short, because I am tired and I think escapisms  might just kill me if I don't go to bed soon :)


I just have so many freaking FEELINGS about the entirety of today.

I wish you guys could have seen me when I saw the official confirmation about Darren on Broadway. I was flailing around, screaming, tripping over things to get to my wallet (I'd been waiting with my credit card all day, and had JUST gotten back from getting lunch when the news dropped) and immediately bought our tickets. I was shaking the entire time, and for some reason I was worried that they would sell out INSTANTLY like Darren concerts usually do, but no worries they did not and I feel confident that we good really good seats.

And then I proceeded to dance around and shriek and squeal for the rest of the day.

But y'all. Y'ALL. Darren ... I think he's made it. I really really really really hope he does well (I'm sure he will because I have SO MUCH CONFIDENCE IN HIM), because I think this could really push him to the next level in his career, and I really think (and hope) that he'll ADORE doing this. I'm just so proud. He's gone in a matter of 2 YEARS, and God, isn't that just incredible, from a mop-headed adorable dorky college kid who liked to do musical parodies to a serious actor who BROADWAY PEOPLE SEEK OUT for roles. And - not that this isn't a stunt casting thing, because I know that it is, and I understand that it is, and I understand that Darren is not going to be the end-all be-all of Broadway stars.

But the fact that they thought of him, tried to make things work out with Glee ... it says something about him. And the fact that I'm going to get to see him perform live on a Broadway stage literally makes tears come to my eyes. And the fact that I'm going with other fangirls is just ... I mean, it's amazing. (And I swear, we're going to act like the adults we are, and be quiet and not squeal except silently and just spend the entire night clutching each other trying not to cry and laugh and just probably combust...) But it's just ... I'm going with people who understand what this means to me, people who are as proud and excited and emotional and probably too invested in this as I am, and it means something to be understood, to have that kind of connection.

And, GOD, I'm getting all emotional over this. I want to go watch the When You Wish Upon a Star video, but I know I'll just start bawling, so I'll refrain from that. But seriously. Keep wishing Darren. Because those stars are LOVING YOU right now.

I'm going to end with a .gif of pretty much what I've been doing all day:

Appropriate .gif is appropriate.

Goodnight, loves :)
new darren

The Day of Productivity!!

Today has been amazing.

Because I actually Did Things. (Which I used to do all the time, like every day, and then I got in this big funk where I didn't want to do anything EVER, and then I fell headfirst into fandom, and the two kind of fell at the same time, so all I really did ever was read/write fanfics all day, which is an excellent way to live, but not-so-excellent at the same time... So this is big for me, that I Did Things today.

Things that I Did:

-Well, confession from the start, I got lost in Tumblr for about two hours this morning. Luckily I wake up at ungodly hours, so it honestly didn't affect my day. At all.
-I got some stuff written on the new fic I'm working on. (Yes. We're getting to the productivity part, I promise.)
-Once I dragged my lazy ass out of bed, I had a Plan For Today. Which is the only way I EVER get anything done. So I went and baked blueberry muffins. (Sidenote: we have a CSA/co-op kind of thing where we get a veggie box every week. Lately I haven't been cooking AT ALL and all those amazing veggies were going to waste. Not so, this week. Those blueberries were put to EXCELLENT use.)
-While the muffins were baking, I cleaned the kitchen. After the muffins were done baking, I cleaned the kitchen AGAIN. If you know me (which none of you guys actually do in real life so this is a moot point), you know how HUGE that is. (I LOATHE cleaning the kitchen.)
-I made the husband breakfast. Like, a for real breakfast. Consisting of scrambled eggs, the aforementioned muffins, a glass of milk ... yeah. I know. I should do that every day. But... I don't.
-THEN I did a load of laundry.
-THEN I called my mom, which I've needed to do for days now, while I made lunch.
-After we ate lunch, I cleaned the bathroom.
-Then I folded clothes.

And then I took a break for a bit.

-And THEN I went to the library to pick up a book for Mark, and when I got back I gave Luna a bellyrub (which was not productive, but was adorable and totally worth the time.)
-Then I started making lasagna, which we'll have this weekend when we're both working (cooking AHEAD??? I know, right? Crazy.)
-And when I was about halfway through the prep, I realized that the dish I use to bake it in is RUSTED (because somebody - read, the husband - likes to wash everything in the dishwasher including those things that need to be handwashed and let it sit, wet, and it RUSTED.)
-So I had to run to Bed, Bath and Beyond and replace it.
-And then I came back and finished it, and now it's baking and I'm sitting here posting.

I mean, is that a good day or WHAT?? I'm kind of proud of myself actually.

Especially since I got all that done early, and we're babysitting for our friends tonight. Which will be fun, watching what the hubs is gonna do with a 2 1/2 month-old baby. I'm going to make him change a diaper. *evil laugh*
new darren

My insane week and my HP7 reaction...


*Deep breath*

This might be a long post.

So, it's been a crazy week.

Last Thursday, we made table decorations and had a bachelorette party for my sister.

This time last Friday I was in the middle of band practice for her wedding.

(That's me on the far right. The socks are a semi-long story.)

Then there was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night.

Then Saturday morning we spent our time hanging picture frames and candles from a big tree.

Then we drove back to the hotel to get ready so we could be back at the farm for Kelly to get ready. She was GORGEOUS.

Then we had some crazy table decorating time, then some crazier rain where we had to take all the decorations down, go take pictures in the rain, then put all the decorations BACK up before the ceremony.

Then it was time for the ceremony, in which we played our instruments and sang, and then Kelly walked down the aisle to Here Comes the Sun and it couldn't have been more perfect, and then she and Colton sang to each other and we played our instruments again.

Then the reception happened, with BBQ and the most beautiful lighting you could ever imagine.

(I never know why my uploaded pics never upload in an up-and-down direction, but whatever.)

Then Sunday came and I went home and stayed in bed all day.

Then Monday came, and I worked.

Then Tuesday came, and I babysat the sweetest baby ever all day long.

Then Wednesday came, and I fell apart. Like, lost my shit entirely. I cried all day. I was depressed. I was lonely and feeling terrible and wondering if I needed therapy or medication or whatever, and I came to the realization that my life really kind of sucks right now, and I'm really not happy and I have very few friends here, and I'm just not in the best place ever. It was a really, really, really bad day. Like, REALLY. Horrible.

And then Thursday came, and I had to work, and I felt better because I was around people. And I'm thinking that I'm going to be fine, even though my life still sort of sucks right now. Life is just hard sometimes. Ugh. Is it ever.

And then TODAY, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, and here is what I thought:

Collapse )


I hear rumors of a Darren Criss solo album. I can't even...
Chris Colfer has been nominated for an Emmy.
I am DYING over what the hell is going to happen to my beloved Klaine over Season 3 of Glee. Ryan Murphy is a troll, and sometimes I hate him. Ugghhh. I am so nervous.


Something's got to give cause it's gonna end up KILLING me.